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Bart Nagel

Fullstack Engineer
Web Developer
Craft CMS
Go Auto


This is not just one site but a suite. A single Craft CMS instance runs in headless multisite mode. Some content is shared, other content is site-specific, and it dictates the content for not just the main Go Auto website but also for individual dealership websites.

A single Next.js project build is maintained, and this one build is deployed for each site, with different configuration so that each one fetches the relevant data via GraphQL for its specific website. All the code for the Next.js portion of the project is written in Typescript.


I was the principal developer for this project as part of a small team at Kor Control. Some of the data models and components were built by Diana, Murillo, and Chris. Eve and Jess helped with tweaks. Justin took care of devops.

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