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Yeagel is London's haven of artisanal breads. The cozy corner weaves the warm embrace of freshly baked loaves into the heart of the city.

I carefully crafted Yeagel's brand identity design to capture its essence. The logo combines a windmill and wheat, symbolizing tradition and growth. Warm and inviting colors were chosen to evoke comfort and the delightful aroma of fresh bread. This cohesive identity was implemented in social media designs, ensuring a consistent and engaging brand presence.


Lumi is a sensational gaming club like no other. From the moment you enter, you'll be enveloped in an atmosphere that sparks imagination and excitement. Equipped with a cutting-edge setups, it offers unforgettable adventures that define modern gaming.

Lumi’s brand identity has been designed to exude a dynamic and immersive gaming atmosphere. The logotype is created using a geometric grid that incorporates squares and triangles, effectively conveying a gaming aesthetic. The use of vibrant green infuses a contemporary gaming vibe, capturing both modernity and enthusiasm. Furthermore, I used the same grid from the logo to create an icon set for use on social media platforms.


35mm film lab is a gateway to reliving nostalgia. From developing to scanning, they breathe life into each film roll. Join them in keeping the art of film alive, one frame at a time.

My goal was to design a brand identity for 35mm that seamlessly bridges vintage nostalgia with contemporary flair. The logotype is crafted using the shapes found in traditional filmstrips, which instantly evoke a connection to the essence of the lab. The primary color red gives a retro feel to the brand, and has been chosen as a reminder of darkrooms, where films used to be painstakingly developed. These well-thought-out identity elements have also been incorporated into the social media designs.

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