TimeBillingX Home Page Redesign

Mauricio Gonzalez

Web Designer
Lead Generator
Webflow Developer


The team was required to redesign the website to match the new look and feel of the product. We focused on improving the user experience through new fonts, shorter copy, and better use of color without overwhelming the user. This layout improved the mobile experience.


  • 1x Landing page redesign
  • Hubspot integration for analytics, tracking, and forms.
  • GA4 for tracking

The redesign

Hero section

New Hero: we added more information using less text. Also, the visual hierarchy helps to add more with less content. The hero image was changed to a simplified dashboard mockup, to make the content easily scannable.

Features Section

Features section: The design team crafted simplified layouts to show 4 main features. This helped make the content easily scannable and mobile-friendly. Mockups were created to help users understand the copy faster.

Social proof section

Social proof: besides customer logos, we added a featured testimonial video to enhance engagement.

CTA and footer

CTA: On a personal note, I designed both CTAs. This shows the development of my UX and web design abilities through time. The final result presents the CTAs in a cleaner, user-friendly way.

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