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I recently completed a comprehensive rebranding project for a high-end automotive detailing business based in San Diego. The project encompassed website design and development, as well as logo design, with the primary goal of positioning the client as the premium choice in the market. Leveraging Figma for design and WordPress with Divi for development, the rebranded website was launched alongside targeted Google Ads campaigns, resulting in immediate success with new high-value leads generated within the first 24 hours.


The main challenge of the rebranding project was to differentiate the client's business in a competitive market saturated with mediocre offerings. Research revealed a significant opportunity to establish the client as the premium choice, but it required a strategic approach to design and branding to achieve this goal effectively.


To address these challenges and achieve the client's objectives, I implemented the following strategies:

1. Brand Identity Enhancement: I developed a sophisticated and upscale brand identity that reflected the client's commitment to excellence and premium service. The new logo design conveyed professionalism and luxury, setting the tone for the rebranded business.

2. Website Redesign: Using Figma, I crafted a visually stunning and user-friendly website design that showcased the client's services and expertise. The website's layout and navigation were optimized for seamless user experience, allowing visitors to easily explore services and make inquiries.

3. Development with WordPress + Divi: The website design was translated into reality using WordPress with the Divi theme, allowing for flexibility, scalability, and ease of content management. Customizations were made to ensure the website aligned perfectly with the client's brand identity and goals.

4. Targeted Advertising Campaigns: I devised targeted Google Ads campaigns to promote the rebranded business to a relevant audience. By strategically targeting potential customers searching for premium automotive detailing services in the San Diego area, we were able to attract high-value leads from day one.


The rebranding efforts yielded immediate and tangible results, with the client closing their first high-value lead on the same day of launch. Key outcomes of the project included:

- Elevated Brand Perception: The rebranding successfully positioned the client as the premium choice in the automotive detailing market, distinguishing them from competitors and attracting discerning customers seeking quality and luxury.

- Increased Visibility and Engagement: The redesigned website and targeted advertising campaigns generated significant traction and engagement, resulting in a surge of inquiries and leads within the first 24 hours of launch.

- Business Growth and Success: The client's business experienced rapid growth and success following the rebrand, with increased bookings and revenue attributed to the enhanced brand image and effective marketing strategies.

Overall, the rebranding project not only transformed the client's business into the premium choice in the market but also laid the foundation for sustained growth and success in the competitive automotive detailing industry.

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