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Riana Alexa

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I am a high-level finance and FX blog writer.

*As this is an on-going contract, I can share limited information.

I write blogs for a high-profile finance and investment firm for consistent weekly blog articles on trending topics ranging from cryptos, commodities, indices educational, and more. These blogs generate high organic reach to improve overall online presence, and organic SEO ranking and results.

I write blogs ranging from 300-1,800 words depending on the scope of the topic. As the writer I am responsible for independent research to produce the highest quality and reliable information, while still staying compliant within the guides and standards of both the company and registered country.

Published Topics Include:

  • Tips & Tricks in Trading
  • The Psychology of Trading
  • Education of Trading Terms
  • Analysis and Updates on Popular Traded Stocks
  • Forex Exchange Education
  • News in the ECB
  • And more!

Previous published articles that I have written have been featured organically on top forex websites on the homepage and high-traffic landing pages with high engagement on the articles (likes, comments, etc.).

From experience, blog writing is one of the best ways to yield organic traffic to your desired landing pages. Blog writing also serves a great purpose to inform, educate, inspire, and bring awareness to your target audience.

My educational background has allowed me to soar in this particular topic as I have a solid basis in the finance and investment world. Furthermore, I love to stay up-to-date in both business and marketing, as well as the global economy and financial world.


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