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Andreas Král

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Project Spotlight: Promoting Olga Lounová’s Concert on the Munot Boat


As a passionate content creator, I embarked on an exciting project to promote Olga Lounová’s concert aboard the historic Munot boat in the picturesque Czech Republic. My mission? To capture the essence of this unique event and share it with music enthusiasts through a captivating vertical video.

The Challenge

Creating a compelling promotional video within the constraints of a vertical format presented an intriguing challenge. How could I convey the magic of live music, the scenic beauty of the Munot boat, and the vibrant energy of Olga Lounová—all in a concise, attention-grabbing clip?

The Approach

  1. Storyboarding: I meticulously planned each shot, ensuring a seamless flow that would resonate with viewers. From the opening scene on the boat’s deck to close-ups of Olga’s performance, every frame had a purpose.
  2. Visual Aesthetics: The Munot boat provided a stunning backdrop. I leveraged the boat’s rustic charm, the Danube River, and the golden sunset to create visually striking moments. Olga’s vibrant stage presence added an electrifying dimension.
  3. Editing Magic: In post-production, I weaved together snippets of Olga’s soulful singing, the crowd’s enthusiasm, and glimpses of the boat’s historic architecture. The rhythm of the music guided my edits, ensuring a dynamic and engaging final product.


The 30-second vertical video captured the essence of the concert: Olga’s melodic voice echoing across the water, the crowd swaying to the rhythm, and the Munot boat bathed in warm light. Shared across social media platforms, it sparked curiosity and anticipation for the event.


This project taught me the power of concise storytelling. In a world where attention spans are fleeting, crafting impactful content within seconds is an art. Olga Lounová’s concert on the Munot boat became more than an event—it became a shared experience through the lens of my camera.

PS: I reposted the video as a private one, because It is past the event, so the video has been deleted from Munot´s official social media. Feel free to check out the video down below.

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