4.5 Days in New York

Aljournal Franklin II

Graphic Designer
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4.5 days in New York

An Elovet Project

The visual elements for Elovet’s 2019 release had to be just as experimental as the music. In creating the album artwork, a cover for each of the project's tracks, and a printed zine.

I started with the idea of a linear story told through an abstract lens. Using a handful of images from a disposable camera taken during the trip, and supplied by the artist. I created digital collages packed full of affected photos blended together to create a slightly glitched recollection of the trip and its emotional highs and lows. A few lines of the lyrics attempting to help hold together fragments of memories, telling you just enough of what you need to know to get the idea across.

Back Page Zine interior/album art and covers

Interior Zine Spread

Interior Art for Zine

Interior Zine Spread


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