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Rodrigo Lamadrid

Graphic Designer
Web Developer
Content Writer

I designed my personal website with the purpose of reuniting all my work in one place to easily share it with potential clients and collaborators.

By visiting https://rodrigolamadrid.webflow.io/, you'll find: • My self-produced video content (Youtube + Instagram Reels) • An 'About me' section • My Blogletter • My copywriting portfolio • My consulting services (for booking 1-on-1 coaching video calls) • My blog (for personal musings, press, interviews, testimonials, etc.) • Various resources (my ebook, my lecture, software and book recommendations, etc.)

Skills building my own website helped me improve:

  • Copywriting
  • Content Writing
  • Web Design using Webflow
  • UX Writing

In need of inspiration for your own site? Check out mine:



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