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CIC Angels is an angel investor syndicate that empowers exceptional founders to serve missions that are greater than themselves.

After working with Brooks Design to build a democratic, collaborative, and transparent brand, CIC came back for a website to expand their online presence and create a method for potential partners and portfolio companies to reach out.


Unique Landing Site: Create a distinctive landing site that highlights CIC's commitment to supporting early-stage startups and emphasizes the importance of the people behind these investments.

Brand Continuity: Ensure that the website maintains the same colors and styles as CIC's existing brand, creating a cohesive brand language.

Expand Online Presence: Enhance CIC's online presence and reach by providing useful information and means of contact for potential investment partners and portfolio companies.


Brand Identity Alignment: We closely adhered to CIC's brand identity that we previously established, ensuring a cohesive brand language.

Elegant Interactions: We focused on designing elegant site interactions to engage users and convey the professionalism and empathy that CIC represents.

Brand-specific Copy: We crafted brand-specific copy that captures the voice and tone reflecting CIC's values of community empathy, transparency, collaboration, and efficiency.

Unique Site Elements: To draw attention to the people behind CIC's portfolio companies, we created a custom video montage of the portfolio company founders serving their industries. To further spotlight the founders, we designed brand-coded company cards with the faces of the founders at the forefront. Special attention like using the names of the founders, not just the company names, and creating artful company cards helps potential investors get to know the portfolio companies and their founders at a glance.


The CIC website redesign project has achieved significant success. CIC received multiple inquiries through website traffic within days of publishing, and has successfully invested in two new companies since the launch of the redesigned website.

The new website effectively reflects CIC's mission, values, and commitment to solving meaningful problems. It establishes a strong online presence and expands CIC's reach, setting the stage for future growth and engagement.

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