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Uzochukwu Okafor

Frontend Engineer
UX Engineer
Web Developer
Tailwind CSS

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Existing Landing Page:

- Slow loading, unresponsive, ineffective at converting visitors.

Client Objective:

- Revamp landing page with a fresh design focusing on responsiveness, speed, and conversion.


- Improved loading speed.

- Ensured responsiveness.

- Enhanced conversion rates.

- Checked cross-browser compatibility.


- Cross-Browser Compatibility:

- Ensured compatibility across Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.

- Resolved CSS/JavaScript inconsistencies in different browsers.

- Performance Optimization:

- Used HTML, CSS, and Tailwind CSS for an efficient frontend.

- Incorporated JavaScript for interactivity and user engagement.

- Employed GSAP for smooth animations and transitions.

- Mobile-First & Responsive Design:

- Mobile-first approach for seamless functionality across devices.

- Utilized media queries for responsive layouts.

- Loading Speed Enhancement:

- Code minification and bundling for smaller file sizes.

- Optimized images for faster loading.

- Server-side caching to reduce requests and enhance performance.

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