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Nabeel A. ✦

Interaction Designer
Visual Designer
2D Animator
Adobe After Effects


SELF SERVICE is an app in which user can configure cars, buy or lease them online, book a test drive and even buy used cars. We were tasked to design the complete UI and UX of the mobile and the web app. The user interface and experience of the app was a challenge because the process was quite lengthy, so we designed by keeping in mind the simplicity and ease for the users. The app ensures transparent and easy to use unique interface and experience. SELF SERVICE is a simple, totally transparent, and hassle-free car-buying experience.


Streamlining the Lengthy Car Buying, Ordering a Test Drive, Customizing car experience, and Checkout process for a User-Friendly Experience

Designing the UX and UI for the SELF-SERVICE app posed the challenge of simplifying the complex car buying process. We aimed to create a user-friendly experience by focusing on simplicity, transparency, and ease of use. The challenge involved streamlining the app's interface, optimizing the user flow, ensuring transparency in information, and maintaining consistency across mobile and web platforms. By addressing these challenges, we successfully created a hassle-free car-buying experience for users.


Visual Design, Interaction design, and Animations


Two members of the design team worked on this project.

Step#01: Choose a Model

Step#02: Book a Test drive

Step#03: Configure/ Customize your Car

Step#05: Hamburger Menu

Step#06: Checkout/ Proceed to purchase

Step#07: Upload required documents

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