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Web3Hire is a hiring platform that caters to both hiring companies and developers/consultants. The target audience for Web3Hire includes Web3 companies and Web3 developers. The tone of voice for this landing page is fun, modern, futuristic, and in line with Web3 styling.


Web3Hire is a landing page design project. The goal is to showcase our offerings and get early signups to test how many companies and developers are interested.

Competitors to look at:

My Role

UX Design, Visual Design, Content Design & animations

** Although the logo design was not part of this project, we agreed to use a simple text name for the time being to continue.

Landing Page for WEB3Hire

Responsive mobile views:

About US Page:

Images Style & Look & Feel

Landing Page Design Plan: Anatomy & Structure

We began with a basic outline for the landing page's content, sections, and overall structure.

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