Remix + Strapi | Sub-Affiliate Platform

Kellen Busby

Fullstack Engineer
Web Developer

I architected and built the website and platform from scratch using Remix and Strapi. It is an affiliate marketing site with a sub affiliate management platform. Creators are invited to the platform to create branded pages. The platform tracks and attributes traffic from those branded pages to the creator.

Integrations with multiple media networks keep track of revenue earned from clicks and sales and attributes it to the associated sub affiliate. The payments/payouts system handles paying out earned revenue to creators via a Stripe connect integration.


  • Creator dashboard where users can
    • Create and edit branded pages of multiple page types
    • View analytics on performance and earned revenue
    • Manage profile
    • Manage payouts
  • Tracks referral clicks and downstream sales attributions to creators for public site visits
  • Media network integrations to track clicks, sales, payments to then pay out earned commission percentages to creators via Stripe Connect


Deployed on:


  • Two third-party media networks' content and reporting APIs
  • Stripe Connect
  • Amazon SES
  • Amazon S3


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