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Abhinav Jamwal

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Easely is a free social marketplace where you can buy, sell and rent a wide variety of products from your home, be it a practical drill, an air fryer for your culinary explorations, or a fancy Gucci bag. With no costs, you can upload as many items as you wish, making it easy to declutter your space or find new treasures, even for a temporary use.

Easily connects a vibrant community of individuals committed to sustainable living. ​​Here's what makes it stand out:

Social Experience: Enjoy a marketplace as lively as your favorite social media. Watch and interact with videos, and dive into a new era of shopping everyday products.

AI-Driven Listings: List your items in under a minute with our AI-powered tool. Selling, renting, or giving away is now effortless.

All-in-One Platform: Whether you're buying, selling, or renting, Easely is your one-stop-shop for everyday products, promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Local Exchanges: Embrace the joy of exchanging products within your neighborhood, enhancing community connections and reducing environmental impact.

Are you part of a community or a business aiming to foster sustainability among your members? Easely facilitates this by allowing you to filter listings using a unique community code, tailored for any type of organization, including corporations, universities, coworking spaces, residential complexes, and local community groups.

Members of your community will receive exclusive codes, enabling trusted and collaborative interactions as they rent, sell, and donate items within their organization. Moreover, community managers have the ability to create engagement programs and track the organization's sustainability performance using Easely's intuitive dashboard.

How it works?

For sellers:

List Your Items: Easily create a listing providing a title of the listing, video, and photo. Our AI technology assists in generating the listing for your review.

Connect with Buyers/Renters: Wait for interested parties to contact you.

Complete the Exchange: Arrange a meet-up to hand over the product.

For buyers:

Discover Unique Finds: Head to the explore page to search for specific items, or get inspired by unexpected gems on our video-based home page.

Initiate Purchase/Rental: Send a booking request to the owner of the listing to buy or rent their product.

Collect Your Item: Once your request is approved, meet the seller to collect your new find.

Join Us in Redefining Consumption

Download Easely now. Be part of a movement that values sharing over owning, and explore a more convenient, sustainable, and simpler way of life.

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