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David Nzagha's avatar

David Nzagha

Aba, Nigeria

Full Stack Software Engineer

Jules Bousrez's avatar

Jules Bousrez


Creating websites that exceed expectations

David Randjelovic's avatar

David Randjelovic

Leskovac, Serbia

Experienced Web Developer & Desinger✨

Ernesto Nicolas Carrea's avatar

Ernesto Nicolas Carrea


C# & PHP Expert | Linux Guru

Stefan-Alexandru Bumbea's avatar

Stefan-Alexandru Bumbea


Hardworking and driven, with a passion for APIs

Richardson Santos's avatar

Richardson Santos

Geneva, Switzerland

Fullstack Engineer: Custom Web & App Solutions

Jokūbas Ramanauskas's avatar

Jokūbas Ramanauskas

Vilnius city municipality, Lithuania

Backend Systems Expert | PHP & Symfony Specialist

Akshay Nikhare's avatar

Akshay Nikhare

Nashik, India

Shopware 6 | WooCommerce | SQL | PHP | XML | GIT

Ian Magero's avatar

Ian Magero

Nairobi, Kenya

Changing the world with a line of code

Romain Henriques's avatar

Romain Henriques

Strasbourg, France

Building immersive experience and stuff

Wajdi Ben Helal's avatar

Wajdi Ben Helal

Curitiba, Brazil

Expert Flutter & Android Developer

Théo Serieys's avatar

Théo Serieys

33400 Talence, France

Full-stack web developer: Symfony, React, VueJS

Victor Ilioiu's avatar

Victor Ilioiu

Brașov, Romania

Web Designer w/ UX, UI and Framer skills

Damien Pollet's avatar

Damien Pollet

Bordeaux, France

Symfony Expert - Senior Back-End Developer

Amit Sharma's avatar

Amit Sharma

Indore, India

Full Stack Developer: Web Developer, PHP Developer

Jay Gatecha's avatar

Jay Gatecha


Weaving Web & Mobile Magic with Code & Passion

Darshan Jadvani's avatar

Darshan Jadvani

Surat, India

Web Developer

Victor Kiguta  Wachira 's avatar

Victor Kiguta Wachira

Nairobi, Kenya

Efficient Writer & Designer

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