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Juls G's avatar

Juls G

San Francisco, CA, USA

Harmonizing code & sound

Lee Mulvey's avatar

Lee Mulvey

Calgary, AB, Canada

Team Lead & Senior Frontend Engineer 🎉

Recommended 3x
Luka Baramishvili's avatar
Top Independent

Luka Baramishvili

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Frontend Developer

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Joseph Hall's avatar

Joseph Hall

New York, NY, USA

Amateur Film Photographer based in NYC

Muhammad Tayyab's avatar

Muhammad Tayyab

Joensuu, Finland

Better Web Servers, Better World!

Faheem Ul Islam Arshad's avatar

Faheem Ul Islam Arshad

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Highly Skilled Software Engineer

Diego Novaes's avatar

Diego Novaes

Salvador, State of Bahia, Brazil

Frontend developer / UX designer

Maël Harnois's avatar

Maël Harnois

Bali, Indonesia

dev Ruby On Rails, AI SaaS Expert 💻🤖🚀

Deepanshu Rastogi's avatar

Deepanshu Rastogi


Backend Engineering@Scale

Shawn Lim's avatar

Shawn Lim


Custom web apps for your business

Ana Paula Teston's avatar

Ana Paula Teston

Berlin, Germany

Agile Full Stack Developer | Project Management Expert

Sandesh Salunkhe's avatar

Sandesh Salunkhe

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Product-minded Software Engineer

Julian Valle Garcia's avatar

Julian Valle Garcia

New York, NY, USA

Software Engineer, Building Stunning Websites

Ammar Khalid's avatar

Ammar Khalid

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Expert Web Developer: Ruby on Rails

Justin King's avatar

Justin King

San Jose, CA, USA

Full-Stack Software Engineer, 10+ Years Experience

Douglas Schlenker's avatar

Douglas Schlenker

Kanata, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Building great software that has a positive impact

Recommended 1x
Kalin Otto's avatar

Kalin Otto

Montreal, QC, Canada

Software Engineer, Funny Man

Meng Xia's avatar

Meng Xia

Montreal, QC, Canada

Tech expert: Fullstack, DevOps, ML

_1 Jan's avatar

_1 Jan


Affiliate Marketing, Skilled In Gfx, VA & Vid Edit

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