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Quinn Foster's avatar
Top Independent

Quinn Foster

Lafayette, LA, USA

Impactful Journalist & Copy Editor to the Rescue

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Shana Nelson's avatar

Shana Nelson


Executive Assistant. Marketer. Customer Relations

Amber Williams's avatar

Amber Williams

United States

Providing a Creative Hand to Any Project

Carlota de Figueiroa-Rego's avatar

Carlota de Figueiroa-Rego

Lisbon, Portugal

Turning Cinema and History into UX/UI Design

Dr. sonia goswami's avatar

Dr. sonia goswami


10 Years Copywriter & Content Writer

Jeremiah Ibara's avatar

Jeremiah Ibara

Nairobi County, Kenya

Passionate Founder | Project Manager | Researcher

Jorge Szewc's avatar

Jorge Szewc

Wisconsin, USA

Highly skilled cloud engineer specializing in M365

Thủy Trần's avatar

Thủy Trần


🌟Top-tier Customer & Tech Support Specialist 🚀

Andrew Smith 's avatar

Andrew Smith

United Kingdom

UK-Based AI & Microsoft Power Platform Expert 🚀

Temidayo Fagbuaro's avatar

Temidayo Fagbuaro


🌟 Committed Customer Support & Virtual Assistant 🌟

Marco Roncato's avatar

Marco Roncato


Global Project Lead & Multilingual Translator and Copywriter

Eva Amsen's avatar

Eva Amsen

London, UK

Science communicator and content writer

Janelle J's avatar

Janelle J


Tech-Savvy Virtual Assistant & Project Manager

Keith Mlangeni's avatar

Keith Mlangeni

South Africa

Customer-focused professional driving growth

Arnav Sameer's avatar

Arnav Sameer

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

UX & Product Designer | Design Leadership

Selena Brind's avatar

Selena Brind

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Payroll and AP Management

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