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Luciana Berta Revelli's avatar

Luciana Berta Revelli


10+ Yrs Exp: Customer Support, HR & Operations

Isabel Sophia Duncan's avatar

Isabel Sophia Duncan

Málaga, Spain

Elevating visuals & processes through UX thinking

Jo Ionescu's avatar

Jo Ionescu

Warsaw, Poland

Innovative UX/UI design with business results

Recommended 1x
Kayla The Creative's avatar

Kayla The Creative

Nashville, TN, USA

Bringing your vision to life 🎨

Mary Schlegel's avatar

Mary Schlegel

San Diego, CA, USA

Award-winning online course & website designer

Quinton Butler's avatar

Quinton Butler

Dallas, TX, USA

Branding Interactive Web Designs - Framer & Spline

Isaiah Janisch's avatar

Isaiah Janisch

Madison, WI, USA

Copywriter, Editor, and Proofreader

Jennifer Thompson's avatar

Jennifer Thompson

Maryland, USA

Experienced Instructional & Multimedia Designer

Chelsea Byers's avatar

Chelsea Byers

Seattle, WA, USA

Senior Instructional Design with Product Expertise

Stacie Jansen van Vuren's avatar

Stacie Jansen van Vuren

South Africa

Professional writing, editing, & design services

Deema Mubarak's avatar

Deema Mubarak

District of Columbia, USA

Quality Graphic Design, Engaging & Innovative

Paige Retchko's avatar

Paige Retchko

Chattanooga, TN, USA

Experienced copywriter for dynamic content

Ariel Sit's avatar

Ariel Sit

Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Virtual Business Manager | Growth Marketer

Eli Knight Martinez's avatar

Eli Knight Martinez

Angono, Rizal, Philippines

Learning and Dev. | VA Generalist | Web Developer

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The quality of independents on Contra is top-notch, and the onboarding process is one to model. Being able to speak with a team member to truly understand what we needed as well as offer suggestions of talent in the network was a whole new experience for me.

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Live Streaming Platform

Love, love, love. Contra is an amazing place to find flexible, creative talent. The process of getting to know independents through their profiles was incredibly easy and fast.

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Platform for Async Collaboration

The talent I find on Contra has been excellent. But aside from that, Contra’s community differentiates Contra from other freelancing platforms. I love the responsiveness of the Contra team, and how invested they are in your success. I actually pay freelancers I’ve found outside of Contra through Contra because I love the platform so much, especially that they don’t take a cut of your payment.

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Grounded Insights
UX Research Consulting Firm

I used to waste hours trying to find talent. Switching to Contra was 10x on my time, energy and money as an Entrepeneur and Creator. Lauren was a perfect fit from day one, and I couldn’t have found someone of this calibor without Contra.

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Creator Store

I can vouch for Contra that it is a great hiring tool. I shoot my shot and the candidates I keep seeing are incredible.The process took minutes and the support I always get from their team is 10/10.

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Cecilia Reusch
Community Strategist

Freelancers on Contra come across very professionally. They actually seem to read your job posting and have directly relevant skills, which isn’t always the case on most other freelancer sites. On Contra, freelancers who matched with my job seemed to have the relevant skills I was seeking.

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Joseph Liu
Career Consultant
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