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Ifeoma Ahuna's avatar
Top Independent

Ifeoma Ahuna

Dallas, United States

Bringing your content to life with UGC Video ✨

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Priyal G.'s avatar
Top Independent

Priyal G.

Toronto, Canada

Let's join hands & conquer with words!

Recommended 8x
Cecilia Reusch's avatar
Top Independent

Cecilia Reusch

Vancouver, Canada

Social Media, Newsletter & Community Strategist.

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Mia Salas's avatar
Top Independent

Mia Salas

Lawrence Township, United States

Social and Digital Media for Startups

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Celia Mesa's avatar
Top Independent

Celia Mesa

Barcelona, Spain

Bringing Brands to Life with Humanized Content ✨

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Salina Owens's avatar
Top Independent

Salina Owens

Madrid, Spain

Digital Creator | Content Writer

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Carmel Kundai Makaya's avatar
Top Independent

Carmel Kundai Makaya


I'll help you clarify and share your story online.

Recommended 10x
Shannon Permenter's avatar
Top Independent

Shannon Permenter

Phoenix, United States

Art-centric content writer

Recommended 2x
Amy Suto's avatar
Top Independent

Amy Suto

Phoenix, United States

Stunning copy and content for your startup ✍️

Recommended 5x
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Top Independent

Brad Bartlett

Kansas City, United States

Your best [freelance writing] friend. 🚀

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Top Independent

Julia Sit

Toronto, Canada

Graphic Designer for DTC brands

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Rodrigo Lamadrid's avatar
Top Independent

Rodrigo Lamadrid

Monterrey, Mexico

You Think It, I Write It

Recommended 17x
Nicole Cambria's avatar
Top Independent

Nicole Cambria

New York, United States

driving results from data to design 🪷

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Laureana Logioia's avatar
Top Independent

Laureana Logioia


Customer Success: Hubspot & Knowledge Base Expert

Recommended 3x
Iulia Ghevrea's avatar
Top Independent

Iulia Ghevrea


Pinterest Marketing Specialist

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Lee Thompson's avatar
Top Independent

Lee Thompson

The Bahamas

Copy Curated for Visionaries

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Casandra Xu, Provisional RGD's avatar
Top Independent

Casandra Xu, Provisional RGD

Richmond, Canada

Helping Brands succeed with Social Media+Branding

Recommended 7x
Boris Vicanovic's avatar
Top Independent

Boris Vicanovic

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Brand Strategist and Designer

Recommended 3x
Macy Berendsen's avatar
Top Independent

Macy Berendsen

St Paul, United States

Fashion & beauty writer; podcast editor

Recommended 9x
Top Independent


Chesapeake, United States

Positioning Your Brand to Occupy & Dominate

Common projects for Google Docs experts

Creating and formatting professional Google Docs templates.

Automating tasks in Google Docs using scripts.

Creating dynamic forms in Google Docs for data collection.

Translating paper forms or documents into Google Docs.

Creating a system for document management using Google Docs.

Training teams on how to use Google Docs effectively.

Tips for working with and hiring Google Docs experts

Define your project

Clearly outline what you need from the Google Docs expert. This could be creating templates, formatting documents, or automating tasks within Google Docs. The more specific you are, the better they can deliver what you need.

Check their google docs skills

Make sure the Google Docs expert has a thorough understanding of the tool. They should know how to use advanced features, like creating forms or using add-ons, which can enhance your documents and workflows.

Establish clear communication

Ensure there is open and frequent communication with the Google Docs expert. Discussing any changes or updates to the project through Contra can help make the project a success.

Review their work regularly

Regularly review the work of the Google Docs expert to ensure it meets your standards and requirements. This can be easily done through Contra and allows you to give timely feedback.

How to hire Google Docs experts

Define your needs

Before starting the hiring process, have a clear understanding of what you need from a Google Docs expert. This could include creating templates, automating tasks, training staff, or something else.

Post a detailed job

Posting a detailed job on Contra will attract the right freelancers. Include information about your company, the scope of the job, the skills required, and the project timeline.

Review applications

Review the applications you receive and shortlist freelancers based on their skills, experience, and fit for your project. Look at their past projects and reviews on their profile.

Conduct interviews

Conduct interviews with shortlisted freelancers. Ask questions about their experience, approach to Google Docs, and how they handle various aspects of the tool. Also, discuss your project specifics and expectations.

Make an offer

Once you've found the right freelancer, make an offer through Contra. This will include the project details, payment terms, and timeline.

3 questions to ask when interviewing Google Docs experts

1. Can you share examples of how you've helped previous clients optimize their use of Google Docs?

2. What advanced features of Google Docs are you most familiar with and how have you used them in your work?

3. Could you describe a time when you had to create a complex solution within Google Docs to meet a client's needs?

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Frequently asked

Google Docs is a web-based application where you can create, edit, and store documents and spreadsheets online. Users can access Google Docs directly from their browser without needing to install any software.

Google Docs is a web-based application where you can create, edit, and store documents and spreadsheets online. Users can access Google Docs directly from their browser without needing to install any software.

A freelance Google Docs expert uses their deep understanding of the Google Docs platform to help companies optimize their use of this tool. This could involve creating templates, automating tasks, training staff, and more.

Hiring a Google Docs expert through Contra allows you to find top freelance talent without the burden of middlemen or commissions. You can view their portfolio, collaborate efficiently, and handle contracts and payments, all in one place.

You can post a job detailing your project requirements on Contra. Google Docs experts who match your requirements can then apply for the job. You can also browse through the profiles of Google Docs experts and invite those you are interested in to apply.

Projects that require Google Docs expertise often involve creating and formatting professional documents, automating tasks within Google Docs, creating dynamic forms for data collection, and training teams on effective use of Google Docs.

The cost of hiring a Google Docs expert on Contra can range between $25 and $150 per hour. The exact cost will depend on the complexity of the project, the expert's level of experience and the project duration.

Google Docs experts get paid commission-free on Contra. They may charge per project, per hour, or per milestone. Each milestone is funded individually at the beginning of the project and held in escrow. The funds for the milestone will only be released after you approve the deliverables for that milestone, or automatically within three days. The minimum payment for posting a job on Contra is either $250 or $25 an hour.

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