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Learn what it means to be an introvert, what you should look for in jobs to match your skills, and which are the best jobs for introverts in 2024.

As an introvert, extended periods of social engagement at work may often leave you feeling drained. But the good news is that many jobs exist where you can succeed professionally by using your natural propensity for focusing intensely, thinking critically, and working independently. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss what it means to be an introvert, what to look for when searching for a job as an introvert, and which roles will work best for you (like a freelance editor, technical writer, or project manager).

What are introverts? 🤔

Introverts are people who find a lot of enjoyment and solace in being alone, often preferring one-on-one and small group discussions over large group settings. They enjoy more solitary activities like drawing, sketching, and studying. Introverts aren't necessarily shy and don't lack social skills. Instead, participating in a social environment for an extended period is just more emotionally draining. Typically, introverts often tend to be:

  • Deep thinkers
  • Great listeners
  • Highly observant
  • Socially anxious or shy sometimes
  • Self-aware
  • Focused

Also, because introversion is a personality trait, there are different types of introverts, and an individual can fall anywhere on the introverts versus extroverts spectrum. 

What to look for in a job as an introvert 🧐

For introverts, one of the most important things to consider when choosing a job is avoiding those requiring a lot of social interaction or highly stimulating environments, which can lead to burnout. Similarly, the jobs you choose should play into your soft skills, like compassion, discipline, and empathy.

Since you need some time to recharge between lengthy social interactions, look for jobs that allow you to work alone for decent amounts of time. Remember to also consider your personality type. Although you might be introverted, you might enjoy being around people, albeit for short periods. 

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14 best careers for introverts 💰

Now that you know more about what to look for in a job, we've compiled a list of the best 14 jobs for introverts with estimated annual incomes (at the time of writing). These options are also great if you want to shift from a 9–5 to a full-time freelancer.

1. UX designer 🤠

As a UX designer, you’ll research and design interfaces and focus on usability and design, ensuring users' interactions with products are intuitive. This job will only require a little social engagement, and you’ll make around $78,300.

2. Social worker 🫂

It might seem difficult at first glance, but this job is empowering. Here, you’ll help people with emotional and social issues, leveraging your empathy and listening skills. Additionally, you’ll spend a lot of time researching, and your socializing will be one-on-one counseling. You’ll earn about $50,390.

3. Physician assistant 🤓

While interacting with patients does require being social, it's usually one-on-one. That said, in this role, you’ll mainly perform administrative tasks and data analysis. You’ll make around $121,530. 

4. Engineer 🧑‍🚒

As an engineer, you’ll design, test, and modify systems and products, mostly working independently but also with small teams from time to time. This line of work is detail-oriented and requires focus with a little social interaction. Typically, you’ll earn about $88,050 as a civil engineer and $95,300 as an industrial one.

5. Data scientist 🧑‍🔬

If you don't enjoy working or interacting with others, you'll love the solitary nature of being a data scientist. In this role, you’ll create algorithms and identify patterns to predict outcomes. This is also an in-demand career, so the pay is quite competitive at $100,910.

6. Social media manager 📱

Here, you’ll create social media strategies for brands and companies using insights drawn from data analysis. This job will require you to understand an audience and use your analytical skills. And you’ll make about $62,800.

7. IT manager 🧑‍💻

In this role, you’ll apply your problem-solving and analytical skills to oversee an organization's technology/computer systems. You’ll also interact with teams to discover a problem’s cause, but you'll spend most of your time conversing with machines, earning around $159,010 annually.

8. Software developer 🖥️

If you'd like to solve problems independently and have little social interaction, a software developer’s job might be up your alley. This role requires you to create software solutions such as networks, systems, and applications for clients, providing an outlet for creativity. You’ll make about $109,020.

9. Digital designer 🎨

As a digital designer, you'll create visual content for websites and dabble in graphic design. This is one of the best remote jobs for introverts, as the role requires empathy to understand end users’ needs. You’ll earn around $78,300 in this role.

10. Industrial machinery mechanic 🧑‍🔧

If there is one thing introverts are known for, it is being detail-oriented and working as an industrial machinery mechanic. In this job, you'll maintain and repair factory equipment and use your strong analytical skills to diagnose problems, drawing $59,380 yearly.

11. Market research analyst 🔍

As a market research analyst, you'll use your research and analytical skills to help companies develop effective marketing strategies, predict sales using data, and make informed decisions. You’ll make about $63,920.

12. Accountant ⌨️

If you love numbers and want to work independently or from home, this job could be for you. Here, you'll usually focus on financial analysis and bookkeeping to prepare tax reports and financial documents. You’ll earn around $77,250.

13. Marketing manager 🧑‍💼

If you can work with cross-functional teams, being a marketing manager is an excellent choice. In this role, you'll leverage your analytical and creative thinking skills to develop strategies, analyze data, and lead projects and campaigns for businesses and brands, grossing about $133,380.

14. Veterinarian 🧑‍⚕️

Being a veterinarian means you'll have limited social interaction with people and instead work with animals, diagnosing and treating their medical conditions. This is a rewarding job for animal lovers, and you'll also build relationships with their owners. You’ll make around $100,370.

Interview tips for introverts 🔥

Getting work as a freelancing introvert will usually come down to your skill and experience, but occasionally, you'll need to participate in interviews. Here are a few tips to give you an edge to ace the next interview you have:

  • Prepare well: Thoroughly research the client, their business, and the project's requirements to anticipate questions and formulate thoughtful answers ahead of time. 
  • Use written aids: If verbal communication isn't your strong suit, create a short presentation or portfolio to share during the interview. Visual aids help you get your points across clearly and serve as a conversation starter, shifting the focus from pure conversation to your work.
  • Highlight independent work: As a freelancer and an introvert, you likely excel at working independently. Emphasize this strength by providing examples of successful projects you completed autonomously, showcasing your ability to deliver without constant supervision. Also, ensure you have the correct equipment for remote work.
  • Schedule wisely: If possible, schedule your interview when you feel most energized and alert. Give yourself some quiet time before the interview to gather your thoughts and reduce potential anxiety. 

Find work you enjoy with Contra 🙂

For all the introverted Independents out there, remember that your unique set of skills and traits are valuable and sought after. While the traditional work environment might not always cater to your strengths, the freelance world offers countless opportunities for you to thrive. If you're seeking remote job opportunities that align with your preferences and strengths, look no further than Contra, where you can showcase your services and connect with the right clients commission-free. And if you want to up your professional visibility, upgrade to Contra Pro to truly stand out from the crowd.

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