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Learn how to repost Instagram stories you’re not tagged in and posts you’re tagged in. Also, discover tried-and-true tips for upping your IG story game.

As an independent social media strategist, one of the secrets to sustaining a vibrant and engaged audience lies in reposting Instagram stories you're tagged in. It’s not just about resharing content — it’s also about weaving together moments that resonate with your audience. 

By reposting, you fortify your brand's narrative and integrate user-generated content (UGC), infusing your feed with authentic endorsements and testimonials. But what if you stumble upon a gem from a public profile or want to share an untagged mention?

In this guide, we’ll explain how to repost an Instagram story you’re not tagged in, ensuring you wield the power of reposting effectively.

How to repost an Instagram story you’ve been tagged in 📮

So you’ve been tagged in an awesome Instagram story and want to spread the spotlight. Reposting an Instagram story that you’ve been tagged in is a snap. Whether it’s a hilarious moment or a shoutout, it should be on your stories. Here’s how:

  • Notification check: Once someone tags you in a story, Instagram will notify you via a direct message (DM). Look for “[username] mentioned you in their story.”
  • View the story: Open the message and tap the “Add This to Your Story” option below the story preview. This will allow you to view and prepare it for reposting.
  • Customize and edit: Before posting, you have the freedom to customize the story. This includes adding stickers, GIFs, text, or any other interactive elements to make it more aligned with your branding or style.
  • Reposition the tag: If the original story has a mention sticker of your username, you can move or resize it per your preferences.
  • Post: Once satisfied with the edits, tap the "Your Story" button at the bottom. This will instantly repost the story to your profile.
  • Acknowledge with gratitude: Sending a quick thank you to the person who tagged you is a good practice. Building and maintaining relationships is key in the social media space, especially if you’re looking to expand your network and collaborations.

How to repost an Instagram story you're not tagged in 🧐

Reposting an Instagram story you're not tagged in involves a bit more effort, as Instagram doesn't offer a direct feature for this purpose. While third-party apps can assist in reposting such stories, there are other ethical and straightforward alternatives. Remember to always get permission from the original poster before sharing their content on your story.

Here’s how to repost an Instagram story you're not tagged in:

  • Get permission: Before you consider reposting any content that doesn't belong to you, ask the original creator for permission. This respects content ownership and prevents potential copyright issues.
  • Screenshot or screen record: If the story is a photo, take a screenshot. For videos or animated stories, use your device's screen recording feature. Ensure you capture the content and that the quality is up to par.
  • Open your Instagram story: Navigate to your Instagram home screen, and swipe right or tap your avatar in the top-left corner to access the story creation screen.
  • Upload and personalize: Select the screenshot or recorded video from your device's gallery or camera roll. Once uploaded, you can customize the story by adding text, stickers, GIFs, or filters. If possible, mention or tag the original creator as a gesture of credit and goodwill.
  • Post the story: After making your desired edits, tap "Your Story" to share the reposted content with your followers.
  • Acknowledge the original creator: Even if you've given them credit in the story, it's a good freelance practice to personally thank the content creator or engage in a short conversation. 

How to repost a post on your Instagram stories 🔥

​​Now, let's talk about a cool Insta hack: reposting someone else's feed post on your own story. If you’re into selling on Instagram, collaborating with brands, or sharing stellar content, this trick’s a winner. Here’s how to do it:

  • Navigate to the feed post you want to share. This could be a post from someone you follow or any public account that aligns with your content narrative.
  • Beneath the post, you'll find an airplane or paper plane icon, which stands for "Share." Tap it.
  • Once you tap the share icon, a menu will pop up. Choose "Add Post to Your Story" from the menu.
  • Before publishing, Instagram allows you to resize, move, and add text, stickers, or doodles to the shared post. This way, you can add your personal touch or commentary.
  • After you're satisfied with the look, hit "Your Story" at the bottom to share the post with your followers.

How to repost a story on your feed 🤔

Now we know how to repost stories, whether you’re tagged or not. But how can you repost old stories on Instagram? It’s easy –– here’s how:

  • Go to your Instagram profile and tap on your story, which appears on your profile picture.
  • Navigate to the particular story segment you'd like to repost on your feed.
  • Tap the three dots at the bottom right of the story segment to access more options.
  • From the menu that pops up, select "Save/Share as Post."
  • Finally, crop the story, apply filters, add captions, or tag accounts. Once done, tap "Share" to repost the story to your feed.

5 tips to maximize engagement with your Instagram reposted stories 📝

Looking to give your reposted Instagram stories a real engagement boost? From catchy captions to interactive stickers, we’ve got the lowdown on five killer techniques to boost the interaction and keep your audience coming back for more.

1- Come up with fresh and engaging Instagram story ideas 💡

Don't just settle for the usual; instead, inject some fresh ideas into your reposts. Use trending formats, behind-the-scenes moments, or quick tutorials. After all, audiences will appreciate the novelty.

2- Use alt texts 🌟 

Ensure your content is accessible to everyone. Add alt texts to your reposted stories to provide descriptions for those who use screen readers. It’s a small tweak, yes, but it does leave a huge impact.

3- Leverage targeted hashtags 🎯

Don’t underestimate the power of well-placed hashtags. They can expand your reach and help you connect with users who may be interested in your content.

4- Craft compelling text ✍️

Write witty, intriguing, or thought-provoking text overlays. A clever line can catch the eye and encourage viewers to swipe up or engage in conversation.

5- Get playful with stickers 🛝

Embrace stickers to add flair and context. Polls, quizzes, and countdowns are interactive options to drive engagement and gather valuable insights.

FAQs about reposting Instagram stories 🤓

Why can’t I repost stories on Instagram? 🕵️

Sometimes, IG users refrain from making things public, which could impact reposting. For you to be able to share stories, another user must tag you or give you permission to share their story. That said, you could follow the above steps to share and repost Instagram content of other users.

Why can’t people repost my Instagram stories? 🙇

If your followers can’t repost your stories, you need to check your settings. Activate "Allow Sharing" to let users repost your content.

How long does an Instagram story repost last? ⏲️  

Like any other story on IG, a repost story also lasts 24 hours. But if you want to retain it longer, you can make it a "Highlight."

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