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Master persuasive strategies in writing to boost your career and captivate readers — here’s how to wordsmith convincingly like a pro.

Whether you're an independent writer, copywriter, or marketer, having the ability to compel your audience to think or act is vital for success. Enter: Persuasive writing — a transformative way to unleash the full power of your words. 

This guide contains game-changing professional techniques and tips for persuasive strategies in writing. We'll show you how to strengthen your wordsmithing skills and grow your personal brand as a scribe, so you'll have your readers (and potential clients) hanging off every word and in the palm of your hand.

What is persuasive writing? ✒️

The persuasive tone seeks to influence the readers’ perspective or motivate them to do something. It relies on various strategies and techniques, including literary devices, logical arguments, repetition, and consistency, to develop and communicate a compelling message. 

Characterized by their convincing and conversational tone, persuasive techniques often focus on personal experiences and appeal to the readers’ emotions. By striking a balance between presenting information and connecting intimately with readers, persuasive writing sways opinions and inspires action.

Persuasive writing in the business world 👔

Persuasive writing plays an essential role in business. Convincing and engaging audiences is invaluable across many sectors, including marketing and advertising. Persuasion is necessary for promoting brands, products, and services, and encouraging leads to take action, whether it’s making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, or sharing a social media post. 

Similarly, persuasive writing is essential to book writing, as authors must have a compelling narrative that persuades readers to invest their time (and emotions) in their stories. 

10 persuasive writing strategies ⌨️

To become a powerful, persuasive writer, implement the following 10 strategies and techniques to convince your audience to care and to create a lasting impact (a win-win). 

1. Remember repetition 🔂

Repetition is a popular persuasive writing strategy for a reason — it works! Repetition is essential because comprehension is necessary for a reader to understand your message, and when you hear the same thing repeatedly, it tends to stick. This strategy enhances the ability to recall information and emphasizes the importance of your message. Reinforce your key points by repeating them in various ways and contexts, but be sure to not sound repetitive. 

2. Utilize literary devices 💭

Metaphors, analogy, and hyperbole, to name a few, are valuable tools for driving your main point home in persuasive writing. Literary devices can make your argument more relatable and engaging. An example: "Navigating the software is as easy as a walk in the park."

3. Tell them the "why" 💡

Telling your readers why you want them to believe or do something is powerful — providing a reason why makes people more likely to comply with a request because it makes sense. So why not use this to your advantage? Explain what you're asking, and see what happens.

4. Establish trust and connection 🫶

Use emotive language to connect with your audience. Appeal to readers’ emotions to establish trust and highlight your industry knowledge to boost connection. Doing this fosters rapport, making readers more receptive to your arguments and requests. 

5. Use facts and statistics 📊

Do you have concrete evidence to support your argument? Include it to strengthen your position and help establish your authority on the subject. 

6. Showcase social proof 🤝

Add social proof like testimonials, referrals, and social media comments to your persuasive writing. Use this strategy to demonstrate that others share your viewpoints or have had similar experiences. It's a great way to boost your credibility and reinforce your standpoint.

7. Present a clear call-to-action (CTA) 💥

If you want your readers to do something specific, let them know. Encourage them to take the desired action by including a straightforward, direct CTA. This clarity guides them toward your preferred outcome, such as purchasing from social media platforms like Instagram, subscribing to a newsletter, or downloading an eBook.

8. Use storytelling 📖

Persuasive writing is emotional, and storytelling is an excellent way to capture and sway your audience's feelings. Share relatable stories to create a narrative that helps readers envision the benefits or outcomes you're advocating.

9. Maintain a consistent voice 🎤

Consistency is critical in persuasive writing. Aim to maintain a coherent, genuine writing style throughout your piece. This makes your message seem more authentic and approachable, fostering a deeper connection with your audience.

10. Address counterarguments 📣

Address opposing arguments to demonstrate your comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Acknowledge alternative perspectives and respond with well-reasoned, well-researched rebuttals. This approach strengthens your argument. 

Integrate these strategies and techniques into your persuasive writing to create a stronger connection with your audience, boosting the likelihood your readers will change their opinion or take action.

Persuasive writing examples 👇

Persuasive writing techniques can transform your message. Using tried-and-true strategies is an excellent way to sway your audience and compel them to take action or change their point of view.

Let's take a look at some examples of persuasive writing in action: 

  • Emotional appeal. "Indulge in our eco-friendly candles' luxurious scents and transform your home into a tranquil haven. Shop now and enjoy an exclusive 20% discount."
  • Social proof. "Join thousands of satisfied users experiencing the future of fitness. Revolutionize your routine with our cutting-edge workout app."
  • Storytelling. "Sarah felt totally burnt out until she discovered our energy-boosting supplement. Now, she conquers every day with new energy! Embrace your full potential — order now!" 
  • The "why." "Our eco-friendly candles fill your home with enchanting scents and help protect the environment with sustainable ingredients. Indulge in luxury while making a difference."
  • Metaphor. "Transform your fitness journey like a phoenix rising from the ashes with our new workout app. Start your free 30-day trial today to soar to new heights."
  • Repetition. "Unlock radiant, flawless skin with our advanced skincare line. Glowing skin. Stunning complexion. Experience the transformation!"

Tips for becoming a pro at persuasive writing 📓

To become a persuasive writing pro, you need to master a few key techniques. Getting these down pat can significantly impact the effectiveness of your message, and practice makes perfect. 

Here are a few tips for successfully persuading your readers:

  • Understand your audience. Know your readers' preferences, values, and expectations so you can tailor your content to them. Personalized content resonates deeply with audiences. 
  • Create a persuasion map before writing. This method of laying out your ideas helps structure your thoughts and arguments. In turn, it ensures a more coherent, impactful message.
  • Craft an attention-grabbing hook and a clear thesis statement. Capture your audience's interest with an engaging, exciting introduction to set the stage for your main argument. It's worth the time and effort to keep them reading. 
  • Be concise and straightforward. Keep it simple and avoid wordiness to help prevent cognitive overload. Directness makes it easier for readers to absorb and process your message.
  • Anticipate and address counterarguments. Acknowledging opposing views and addressing potential objections strengthens your argument and demonstrates your understanding of the subject.

Ready to win them over with words? 🏆 

These persuasive strategies are great for boosting your confidence to become a better writer, promoting your services as a copywriter or advertiser, and writing effective job proposals. By mastering the art of persuasion, you'll set yourself apart from the competition and leave an excellent first impression on potential clients. To take your freelance business to the next level, join Contra. Our commission-free platform is here to help you manage and grow your career as an Independent. With features like project management, invoicing, and networking, there's nowhere to go but up.

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