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I am the creator and the main maintainer of Slonik, the PostgreSQL client for Node.js, and I've implemented it across a wide range of projects. I talk a lot about the best practices in my writings, however, if your case isn't covered or you have special requirements, I am keen to help devise the plan of action.

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  • Consultation call

    I will jump on a call (or chat) to discuss whatever questions you have in relation to Slonik library and help you identify the solutions.



Zain Khan

Freelancer • Nov 6, 2023

Zain recommends working with Gajus

Vignesh Joglekar

Freelancer • Jun 12, 2023

Vignesh recommends working with Gajus

Lukas Taegert-Atkinson

Freelancer • Dec 2, 2022

Gaius was very accommodating and provided great feedback that helped improve and iterate on the feature quickly.

Noah Cuadrado

Freelancer • Oct 19, 2022

Gajus is a great professional. He doesn't let doubt arise because he resolves it before it appears. I'd love to work along him again!

Philippe Mathew De Vera

Freelancer • Oct 19, 2022

Philippe Mathew recommends working with Gajus

Synsira Design

Freelancer • Oct 18, 2022

He was very patient with my inexperience and helped me in a timely manner fufill the unique task. Great and easy experience with the project, could not recommend more!

Gordon Davidescu

Freelancer • Oct 16, 2022

I enjoyed working with them. We communicated what we were looking for quite well and understood what was needed of me.

Robert Brandon

Freelancer • Oct 10, 2022

Gajus is transparent, kind, and values the work that freelancers do. He's nothing short of a great person, and any freelancer would be lucky to work with him.

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