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✦ What to expect?

(PS: Do checkout the example projects linked below this service info 👇)

As a Framer developer, I can:

  • Convert your UI design into a fully-functional website: it doesn't matter if your design is in Figma or Sketch. I have used both tools and can quickly convert the designs to a fully functional Framer website.
  • All the modern website features you need: I will make sure the website you get is responsive, accessible, SEO optimized, deployed, and high-performance website, no matter the device.
  • Add animations and interactions: one of the best things about Framer is that it's easy to add slick animations and interactions with its free-form canvas. I will add meaningful animations and juicy effects to make your website stand out.
  • Add custom code component(s): need a component suited to your project on the website? As a front-end developer, I have the skills to create a custom code component in Framer with React.
  • Upgrade an existing website: need to improve responsiveness, performance, SEO meta tags, or CMS collections to a website you already made? I will be able to do that superfast!
  • Integrate external services: want to add Formspark, Mailchimp, Typeform, Hubspot, Intercom, Disqus comments widget, Meta Pixel, or Google Analytics to your Framer website? I can integrate these tools with Framer's great set of plugins.
  • Deploy/host your website: I can make your website go LIVE with a custom domain and host it on platforms like Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc.
★ My niche

I like to create the following types of websites:

✢ Why choose me?

I've been using Framer long before they came up with Framer Sites, so I know all the ins and outs of the tool. Along with that:

  • I am an Official Framer Expert and Partner.
  • I can create custom code components as I also specialize in frontend development with React.
  • I can design your ideal website in Figma/Sketch and convert it accurately on Framer.
  • I have published Framer templates for the community. Artfolio is one of the first (1,000+ orders).
  • I am very active with the Framer community on Twitter, Discord, and the official Circle community and in touch with the Framer staff, so if there's an issue, I can get help quickly from the makers.


  1. Initial meeting: you tell me your requirements, like what type of Framer website you need, and we will discuss the project scope, timeline, my process, etc.
  2. Project research: I will be doing thorough research on the type of website you need, checking your current website, comparing it with current standards and your competitors, and telling you what improvements, changes, pages, or sections are needed.
  3. Website designing (optional): if needed, I will start by designing the UI of the website in Figma. I will use your brand assets (logo, colors, etc.) to ensure the website meets modern design standards and is optimized for high conversions.
  4. Website development: I can start building the website in Framer or use your already-designed website to convert from Figma to Framer. I will use my front-end development knowledge to optimize performance, SEO, responsiveness and accessibility to ensure smooth UX (User Experience).
  5. Feedback time: after creating a website page, I will share a live link to get your feedback. This ensures we are still on the same terms of what you need exactly from the start. You can send me feedback on things to change, and I will work on that.
  6. Iterations (if needed): I will share different website pages, components, elements, animations, etc., and work on iterations until we are satisfied with the result.
  7. Final website review: I will send you a live link where you can check all website pages, sections, etc and send any final review notes (if necessary).
  8. Project delivery: after the website is reviewed, I will send you a Framer Remix link by which you can duplicate the same project on your account. I'm always there if you need a domain or any tech support!

I will always be in touch with you from the moment you book this service. Be it during the start of the project, during project development and post-project as well to make continuous improvements, receive feedback and be your support until you are satisfied 🤝

So don't hesitate to contact me via DM, mail, etc., whenever you have a new idea or need any change(s).


  • Q1: What is included in the $2,500 starting price of your service?

    A: The $2,5000 starting price is for developing landing pages and 5-page websites in Framer when the UI design is already done and provided to me. Additional costs will be there if you need a website with more than 5 pages or website design + development.

  • Q2: Do you also make animated assets like motion graphics, Lottie animations, etc, and will it be included in this service?

    A: No. I don't do animations/motion graphics. I would suggest hiring an animator/motion graphic designer for this and then send me the graphic/video file so I can include it in a Framer website!

  • Q3: Can you implement animations and interactions?

    A: Yes. As far as these animations and interactions are within the Framer tool and are about the website elements, components, sections etc, I will definitely implement that.

  • Q4: Will you take care of the SEO, optimization, analytics, performance etc of the whole website?

    A: Yes. I can definitely suggest best SEO practices for your website, including meta tags and making sure there are no performance issues, etc., but I won't be handling Google Analytics, Meta Pixel, and other dashboards/websites separately. That's the work of an SEO expert and a separate service that I don't provide. I will definitely do everything else as long as I'm provided with all the context.

  • Q5: Can you create OG images, favicons and other assets?

    A: I prefer to get them beforehand and have them done by a (brand/UI) designer. But I can create these separately at an extra cost (to be discussed while we do the initial meeting).

  • Q6: How will you handover the project to me after the work is done?

    A: I will send you a Framer remix link. You can then open this link in your browser, log in with your Framer account, and duplicate it in your Framer account, from where you can add a site plan or a custom domain, etc.

  • Q7: Can you handle all of the domain hosting, connecting, and configuration?

    A: I prefer you purchase a domain beforehand, and there's no need to do any hosting since Framer itself handles all of this. But if you want me to create a custom domain, do its configuration and connection, etc, then it will be done at an extra cost (to be discussed while we do the initial meeting). Please note that I will 100% connect the custom domain you bought/configured to the Framer project.

What's included

  • Framer Remix Link 💿

    You will get the link to remix (or duplicate) the final website project on Framer.

  • Deployed Website Link 🔗

    You will get the website deployed to Framer's subdomain (For example: or on your own domain (For example:

  • 3 Months Free on Framer Pro (Optional) 🏷️

    As an official Framer Partner, I can optionally provide you with a promo code to get 3 months free on the Framer Pro account so you can have more CMS collections, staging, analytics features, and more.



Thomas Cecil • Faithbase

Client • Mar 25, 2024

Thomas at Faithbase hired Vaibhav and recommends working with them

Ethan Veres • eqtble

Client • Feb 23, 2024

Ethan at eqtble hired Vaibhav and recommends working with them

Chris Boardman • Fable

Client • Jan 18, 2024

Wonderful to work with Vaibhav. They worked overtime to meet a tight deadline and were communicative throughout the project to get it over the line to a high standard. Looking forward to hopefully working together in the future.

Vaibhav is reliable and highly knowledgeable. He delivers quality work and always strives for the needs of the client! Recommend 100x

Cam Brand • Cam brand

Client • Dec 4, 2023

It was a great experience working with Vaibhav. Would highly recommend.

Yuki Wada

Client • Oct 26, 2023

He is absolutely great developer and web designer! It was my first time to make my website. Even though I didn't have a clear big picture of my website sometimes, he created a great result for it very patiently. He resolved almost all issues right away. Moreover, he gave me a variety of professional advice that is definitely helpful for beginners in making websites. His communication skill is so high, that I could easily modify my thoughts, and in the end, I could get a beautiful website.

Corné Romme • Framerly

Client • Oct 25, 2023

Vaibhav is one of those rare people that have an insane eye for detail. Not only that, he never fails to be professional, friendly, communicative and thoughtful. Would highly recommend working with him 10/10.

Tomas Laurinavicius • Best Writing

Client • Jun 15, 2023

Vaibhav is a pleasure to work with. He's fast and clear communicator who always finds the best solutions to any Framer problem. His background in web development significantly contributes to his understanding of web design best practices.

Marc Andrew

Client • May 31, 2023

Vaibhav is awesome! Excellent communication throughout a tight project, and our collaboration ensured a far better result than I expected at project launch. Would recommend unreservedly.

Hugo Marechal • DoctoClass

Client • May 5, 2023

It was a real pleasure working with Vaibhav . Vaibhav's availability and communication were outstanding. Vaibhav's proactive approach to problem-solving and his commitment to keeping our project on track were truly invaluable.

Sebastien Lorber

Client • Apr 27, 2023

Vaibhav worked for me on a conference flyer for a reasonable budget and on short notice. I am happy with the results and will work again with him.

Khris S

Client • Jan 10, 2023

It was great working with Vaibhav! The work was completed on time and I’d hire him again.

Daniel Cruz

Client • Nov 1, 2022

Vaibhav is an absolute dream to work with ✨ a true professional, he cares deeply about his work and field. Vaibhav is dedicated to delivering quality results and shares regular updates throughout the process. 10/10 recommend!

Alex Brown

Client • Jul 21, 2022

Truly enjoyed working with Vaibhav and was so impressed by his thoughtfulness and communication. Would absolutely work with him again!


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