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I have 20+ years of experience in building and customizing Wordpress sites. With my solid technical foundation in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, React and Next.js, I can build any custom functionality you need.

My guiding principle is "Do not reinvent the wheel!". If there is a good solution out there already, I will point you to it and never charge for developing it over again.


  1. We will schedule a call in order to outline your needs and wants. Together we will come up with a detailed project plan.
  2. I will follow the project plan according to your specifications to develop a working prototype.
  3. You will go over the prototype and request changes.
  4. I will finish up the work and implement your requested changes.
  5. I will teach you how to use and maintain the product.

What's included

  • Wordpress Theme development

    I develop a custom theme from scratch which is perfectly fitted to your needs.

  • Wordpress custozimation

    I develop specific functions for your website, such as specialized form fields, calculations etc.

  • Wordpress plugin development

    I develop a custom plugin for your specific needs.

  • WooCommerce development

    I develop a custom plugin for your WooCommerce shop.

  • Headless Wordpress / WooCommerce

    I build a custom frontend for your Wordpress / WooCommerce site using React or Next.js

  • Custom API integrations

    I connect your Wordpress / WooCommerce site to the software of your choice, provided it has a documented API.

Skills and tools

UX Engineer
Frontend Engineer
Web Developer


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Web Development

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