Magic Royale: Cast And Conquer

Karan Patel

Game Designer
Game Developer
3D Animator
Autodesk Maya

I Crafted Magic Royale: A Spellbinding Battle Royale Experience (And More!)

Imagine a world where Harry Potter meets Fortnite. That's the magic I helped create with Magic Royale, a captivating battle royale where wizards duel it out to be the last spellcaster standing.

Developing Magic Royale honed my skills in crafting:

  • Immersive 3D environments that bring the wizarding world to life
  • Strategic spellcasting mechanics for thrilling duels
  • Fast-paced, battle royale gameplay that keeps players hooked

But my expertise extends beyond epic AAA titles. I'm equally comfortable developing captivating VR experiences, engaging mobile games, and stunning PC titles across various genres.

Let's discuss how I can help you create your next gaming masterpiece!

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