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Linu Foghis

Digital Marketer
UI Designer

Project Overview

SixSense is a smart manufacturing AI SaaS platform that removes defects from the chip production of giants such as GlobalFoundries, Infineon and STMicroelectronics. As a team with the software engineers, designers and senior scientists as well as our clients and partners, we have built an AI model capable of identifying defects with 92%+ accuracy in a couple of minutes as compared to the hours required for a human engineer. The project involved the creation of UI and UX elements to ensure a smooth process from uploading to training and annotating images by engineers on a web platform hosted privately. It also involved the implementation and creation of dashboard and KPI features, login, feedback and AI model selection.


The platform was successfully built and launched with projects in value of sales surrounding tickets of $100,000 contracts and approximately $60,000 in maintenance. It involved $500,000 total investment by companies including processes required to move into industry 4.0 and IoT. The rate of correct defect identification within the chips jumped 97% from 85% for clients like GlobalFoundries. Thousands of images and data were analyzed through the platform, improving the production process at front fabs handling $30.46 billion in chip production. The process was also improved through the platform's UX and UI, improving the speed in model training and data annotation, as well as feedback which in turned provided savings for the clients.


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