Landing Page Brand Design with Interaction Flows from the Future

Linu Foghis

Digital Marketer
UX Designer
UI Designer

Project Overview

Build a landing page that interacts with user with every scroll.  
  • Creating a beautifully designed and artistic story-telling on the services provided by Auro.

Re-design Process

  • Started with research into the brand, and services, as well as trends 2024, looking to settle a new type.
  • Sketched on a paper the rough outline of the landing page.
  • Built several variations in Figma for graphics, and challenged myself to build directly within Hostinger.
  • Overcame limitations with ingenuity around assets placements, layers, and ways to add content through HTML.


  • 3 days deadline limit
  • No assets previously created, took older ones and repurposed where possible

Landing Page Design
See it live at


  • Gained accolades and impactful impressions with applause in my community.
  • Impressed prospects for services.

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