[Mobile App] YoloPay- Mobile Banking App for GenZ

Aaryann Chandola

Backend Engineer
Mobile Engineer
Frontend Engineer
React Native

Spearheaded the development of a payment and investing app tailored for teenagers

link:https://getyolo.in/ Description: Yolo Pay is a comprehensive digital wallet for the teenagers, offering global money transfer, subscription management, exclusive deals, and rewarding cashbacks and vouchers. It is a comprehensive financial tool enhancing the digital payments experience.

Software Development:

  • Developed and deployed a cutting-edge React Native mobile banking app (iOS/Android) with Typescript, resulting in a 50% increase in new user acquisition and a 35% boost in customer engagement
  • Innovated and implemented features, leading to a 20% reduction in app bounce rates and a 15% increase in daily active users.
  • Implemented diverse SDKs and RESTful APIs to enhance application functionality
  • Efficiently managed app state using Redux, resulting in a 30% reduction in data-related glitches

Backend Engineering:

  • Architected and implemented micro-services in NESTJs framework, revolutionizing system performance and scalability; reduced response time by 40% and increased concurrent user capacity by 50%
  • Designed and implemented a RESTful API using Node.js and NESTJs, leading to a 30% improvement in API response times.
  • Managed complex database schemas in MongoDb for a high-traffic application
  • Led scaling efforts by integrating memory caching with Redis and implementing database optimization techniques

System Architecture and Optimization:

  • Played a pivotal role in restructuring technical components to enhance code maintainability and reducing bug resolution time by 25%
  • Leveraged AWS for successful deployment, ensuring robust scalability and high availability

Project Management and Collaboration:

  • Designed and iteratively improved the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for rapid idea validation
  • Collaborated seamlessly with cross-functional teams, ensuring high-quality and timely feature delivery
  • Maintained an accurate representation of system components and relationships

Documentation and Analysis:

  • Created comprehensive flowcharts and UML diagrams (use case, data flow, and activity diagrams) to facilitate project understanding
  • Maintained and revised UML diagrams to reflect changes in software design and requirements

Innovation and Research:

  • Conducted in-depth research to identify cutting-edge technologies and tools for enhancing development processes and productivity
  • Recommended and implemented tools like JIRA, Trello, and Notion to streamline operations and boost overall efficiency

Project Planning and Coordination:

  • Actively participated in planning, estimation, and scoping activities
  • Facilitated seamless collaboration with third-party stakeholders
  • Employed innovative methods to streamline processes, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency

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