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Linu Foghis

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Project Overview

Trehaus is an innovative AI SaaS EduTech company that is building the next generation of teaching systems for early education. It also boasts co-working spaces within its facilities, being an innovator in the space of family-life balance. Trehaus needed support in developing aspects of the new app and platform for teachers to use. Specifically to improve the range of projects and assets without high-cost increases. Simple and purposeful UI and UX, alongside features, were needed, to boost the adoption and usage by clients. Elements such as buttons, flows and interfaces were discussed with the CTO, CEO, Head of Curriculum and the Head of Product Design (ex-Apple). The success was paramount for the new location expansion and AI product launch in Indonesia and the US.


In conjunction with the Head of Product Design and the Director of Global Operations, we built purposeful flows and features for the user, inclusive of an intuitive flow to learn the platform and be able to start teaching. The target market is schools, and its teachers, thus a predisposition to simple and easy-to-grasp UI was achieved. Early sales and success were brought for the new locations expansion and AI product launch in Indonesia and the US. With the Head of Curriculum, the CTO and the Head of Product Design we also built each lesson flow, alongside the required copywriting and images trained on bespoke AI models (in-house) which I was in charge of. Trehaus is now fully launching in Indonesia and the platform continues to improve.


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