Mojanah mobile app (Similar to uber)

Abderrahmane Serkouh

Flutter Developer
Android Studio

Mojanah Client

The Mojanah project is tailor-made for a Moroccan investor in the vibrant city of Tangier. Our vision is to establish an Uber alternative infused with Moroccan culture. With a unique twist on transportation services, we aim to captivate both locals and tourists, showcasing the richness of Moroccan heritage while providing convenient and reliable travel solutions.

The project

Mojanah is developed using Flutter, Laravel, and Google APIs, combining cutting-edge technology with innovative features. From ride planning to online payment, seat and car type selection, and autopricing, Mojanah offers a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. As a substantial and feature-rich project, it's an honor to have earned your trust.

Our commitment to top security measures and maintainable code ensures the longevity and reliability of the app. Anticipated to launch on 01/06/2024, Mojanah is poised to make a significant impact in the market.

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