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shreyansh sheth

Backend Engineer
Frontend Engineer

Project Summary

BXI World is a B2B barter system supported by 20 different industries. The project aims to facilitate business-to-business transactions through a bartering platform that enables companies across various sectors to exchange goods and services without the use of traditional currency.

My roles

  1. Developed the core functionality of the B2B barter system, BXI World.
  2. Implemented a robust multi-industry support system for 20 different sectors.
  3. Designed and coded the barter system logic for seamless trade transactions.
  4. Created an intuitive user interface for the online barter platform.
  5. Integrated secure payment gateways to facilitate transactions.
  6. Engineered a trade matching algorithm for efficient partner suggestions.
  7. Enhanced platform security through encryption and data protection measures.
  8. Collaborated with the team to refine and optimize the user experience.
  9. Conducted thorough testing to ensure platform reliability and stability.
  10. Contributed to the development of reporting and analytics features.
  11. Provided technical support and assistance during user testing phases.
  12. Participated in brainstorming sessions for feature enhancements.
  13. Resolved technical challenges and bugs in a timely manner.
  14. Supported the implementation of customer feedback and suggestions.
  15. Worked closely with stakeholders to understand and address business needs.
  16. Documented technical specifications and system architecture.
  17. Assisted in training and onboarding new team members.
  18. Implemented performance optimizations for scalability.
  19. Collaborated with UX/UI designers to improve platform usability.
  20. Contributed to the overall success of BXI World through dedication and innovation.

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