Funnel Redesign for a SaaS Start-up

Linu Foghis

UX Designer
UI Designer
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Project Overview

Coworking pass for various locations. Bring conversions through funnel redesign from 0.
  • The company faced no conversion in terms of sales
  • This was from ads based on their current ad graphics and funnel design.
  • They redistributed a product through new packaging and altered the offer from a supplier.
  • Their main supplier had sales, both organic and paid.
  • The company had no sales in terms of organic either, unless highly followed up by the team.
  • Goal: Redesign the funnel and ad graphics together with campaign and consulting expertise to overhaul the funnel. Convert leads into buyers.


  • Conducted thorough market, competitor and supplier research in addition to clients' data from previous Hotjar Recordings, Heatmaps and User Interviews.
  • Redesigned the entire funnel and ads by keeping in line with the design guidelines provided, including brand essence, images, typography, and colour palette.
  • Designed was completed within only 2-3 weeks from the research start, conclusions and strategy that was drawn.
  • High-fidelity design with easy copy-paste from Figma to Webflow as code was provided, which helped improve implementation times considerably.

Creative Problem Solving of Limitations:

  • Copywriting may not go against or jeopardise the offer from the main supplier.
  • The naming for the repackaged offer and plans has to take a different shape than before whilst ensuring maximum conversion. The same for the ads, whilst maintaining overall consistency with the brand.
  • The timeline was short. Only 1 month to fully overhaul the entire offer, copywriting, ads, graphics, and website funnel to top-quality standards.
  • Had to introduce a separate main plan as an addition to the product in order to enhance the platform's overall user base growth, not only for this particular funnel and product.
  • The extra reduction in prices compared to the supplier came from purchasing this additional plan as the main offer of the business.
  • The offer was complicated. The plans were confusing. The pitch was to buy both products (one being a membership, and thus reduce your S PASS)
  • Communicate and handle the entire onboarding/UX process wherein parts of the product would be managed by the supplier, not the company itself. For instance, regarding the offer modify the offer, questions were solved around:
    • Should the user be aware of the supplier interaction from the get-go or be surprised during the onboarding?
    • A different app, different colours, and different messages would be seen, or to converge with the supplier?
  • Who should the person be asking questions in case of troubles with the app, or the pass was also discussed and given advice for.


Link for high-fidelity prototype (phone version, desktop also available):


  • Page attracted increased interest (~20% more compared to the previous).
  • Multiple questions were now incoming about the product (showcasing interest).
  • The new funnel also increased the scrolling length and interaction with the website sections. Seen from the heatmaps and recordings (Hotjar, Microsoft Clarity).
  • The COO and the team were highly pleased with the design and the time-saving process implemented to copy-paste easily from Figma to Webflow as code.
  • With time more interactions and impressions turned into sales and hundreds of new users/day with this campaign.


  • Post our work I provided suggestions on what steps need to be taken to improve the website from a development perspective.
  • I have also offered impactful notes for furthering the design through an analysis of user behaviours post the campaign.
  • The client was fair, open and suggested a more seamless onboarding and improved communication schedule (rarer) which has now been added.
  • The client was amazing to work with, responsible and on time, offering all the materials and support required during the desin phase.

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