Enoch Fabiyi

Frontend Engineer
Fullstack Engineer
Web Developer

XJobs is a job listing platform that helps freelancers and clients connect and securely handle payments with web3 technology for a smooth and safe experience.

100% remote, worked with a team of 4.

Responsibilities and achievements:

  • Collaborated with a team of 4 to develop a job listing application, connecting employers and freelancers, gathering a thousand users on the first week of launch.
  • Implemented API endpoints for job posting, proposal submission, and transactions, enhancing platform functionality.
  • Kept the backend development train running smoothly by staying on top of timelines using Asana. Making sure everything was delivered on time was one of my priorities.
  • Made conversations possible for users by adding a real-time chat feature using Ably. It was a game-changer for how people interacted on the platform.
  • Implemented Solana wallet-based authentication and payment, It was a bit of a challenge, but seeing it in action was worth it!

Technologies used: NextJs, Redux, JavaScript, MongoDB, Web3Js.

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