Product Portfolio Makeover for a Space-tech Start-up

Linu Foghis

Graphic Designer
UX Designer
UI Designer

Past Design

Design before. Aliena 2023

Project Overview

Build an incredible product UX portfolio that resonates "groundbreaking space company"
  • The company faced a lack of UX/UI interaction for its products and brand.
  • Alongside a new redesigned pitch, a portfolio page was needed.
  • Soon the entire website.

Re-design Process

  • Conducted research into available graphics and the vision of the founders.
  • Analyzed company mission, mission, and internal documents.
  • Compiled ideas, conclusions, and key features to be portrayed.
  • Built variate drafts alongside graphical representation, minimising almost to 0 input from Aliena.
  • Met in person to help with business strategy, enabling early sales
  • Modified Sales pitch with interactive elements focs


  • Lack of time for founders to send available media (found a trick to download existing from website)
  • Building from scratch UI assets, Graphical, and 3d (blender, cad).

Revamped design


  • This is a work in progress and will update results in the following months and years as it will get in use.
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