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KAY-COAT is a product by Abstract Chemical. We have been in the field of chemical industries for the last 37 years.

Abstract Chemical has been one of the pioneers and has contributed significant development and progress in the chemical products and chemical industry by large. We give significant importance to research and development and quality and improvement. Manufacturers of Pigment Binder (Acrylic Binder), PolyVinyl Acetate Emulsion, KAY-KOL (Synthetic Resin Adhesive) now known as EURO 7000. We have been the only manufacturer of Polyester Whitener in Ahmedabad since 1987. We also are the innovators of 100% acrylic waterproof resin for paint.

KAY-COAT is 100% acrylic & environmental friendly Heat Reflective, Insulation Exterior Paint. It’s heat reflective insulation coating is latex elastomeric so it expands in summer and contrasts in winter so have a great flexibility. It maintains the building’s interior temperature and prevents outside temperature affect the building.

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