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Valentino Guerra

Logo Animation
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I had already worked with this client on the past, animating the feature showcase for Evologia. Now, they returned for a logo animation for their web design agency. The goal was a 4-7 second video in 4k quality, with eye-catching motion, UI design elements, and sound effects for added impact. The video was intended to be used as an intro to other content.


After some initial sketches (which I always save for inspiration), I developed an idea I was excited about. I created a detailed storyboard to visualize the motion, focusing on clarity. I shared the result with the client, who loved the concept.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create vector illustrations and brought them into After Effects for animation. It was fun experimenting with timing and morphing transitions to bring the storyboard to life. The animation was completed sooner than expected and so I added the sound effects as a finishing touch. The result was fantastic, and the client was very pleased with how it aligned with their vision.

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