Travel Agency Integrations Using REST API and SPA Front End

James Alcaraz

Fullstack Engineer
Software Engineer
Web Developer

"Travel Agency Integrations Using REST API and SPA Front End" is a robust web application designed to streamline lead generation and vendor management for travel agencies. Developed on the .NET Core framework with SQL Server handling the database backend, the system offers seamless integration with various travel agency websites.

At its core, the application utilizes RESTful APIs to facilitate communication between different platforms, ensuring smooth data exchange. The Single Page Application (SPA) frontend, powered by VueJS, provides users with an intuitive interface for efficient lead generation and vendor management.

Key features include lead generation tools to capture and manage potential customers, as well as vendor management functionalities to maintain relationships with travel service providers. Through this platform, travel agencies can enhance their efficiency, improve customer engagement, and ultimately drive business growth in the competitive travel industry.

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