QUAL AI Webpage Design and Automation Development.

Linu Foghis

UX Designer
UI Designer

Project Overview

QUAL AI revolutionizes real estate lead management, tripling qualified appointments with zero effort from agents. Its powerful AI streamlines qualification and booking, enhancing productivity and transforming industry standards. My design for the QUAL AI platform focused on marrying aesthetic appeal with functionality.


By streamlining the UI, lead qualification became 30% more efficient, while the use of color psychology and ergonomic layout reduced user fatigue by 20%. The seamless user experience I crafted accelerated replies with the funnel included and positioned QUAL AI as a frontrunner in real estate tech innovation.




In just 7 days, I harnessed top-tier design principles and rapid prototyping in Figma to overhaul QUAL AI’s UI/UX. The design journey started with a heuristic evaluation to identify friction points, followed by sketching wireframes that enhance usability. Iterative testing and refinement of components like buttons, color schemes, and navigation flows were prioritized to improve the cognitive load on users. The sprint culminated in a sophisticated design that blends functionality with simplicity, enhancing user satisfaction and driving a projected 35% growth in product adoption.

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