Vian ONE80 (Visual Direction & Print Collaterals)

Ansh Jamdagni

Brand Designer
Presentation Designer
Visual Designer
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Working with Vian One80 was a journey that perfectly captured the essence of creative collaboration. From the initial concept to the final print, every step was a harmonious blend of shared ideas and creativity. As I dove into understanding their goals and market, it became clear that this project was more than just a design task; it was about bringing a brand's aspirations to life through a captivating visual narrative.

This partnership with Vian One80 wasn't just about delivering a project; it

was about crafting a marketing masterpiece that truly resonated with their essence. The process was a testament to how teamwork, fueled by a shared dedication to excellence, can elevate a brand's identity to new heights.

Our collaboration has reinforced my commitment to delivering exceptional design and marketing solutions. It's a vivid reminder of how the right blend of expertise and understanding can transform a vision into a stunning reality.

As I reflect on this successful partnership, I'm energized and eager for new adventures in creativity and collaboration. Here's to turning more visions into realities, just as we did with Vian One80.

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