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Mary Anne Josette (Heyitsmarymary)

Graphic Designer
Digital Marketer
Social Media Manager

As a dedicated shop owner, I take pride in curating a unique collection of handmade and original products. From designing and crafting each item with care to capturing captivating images for listings, I ensure every aspect reflects quality, handling most of the functions in:

  • Managing and operating your Etsy shop, including product creation, listing management, customer service, and marketing.
  • Product Designer: Creating unique and original products to sell—artwork, clothing, or digital designs.
  • Caption Writing: Write a short caption for the product.
  • Social Media Manager: Promoting products on various social media platforms to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to the shop.
  • Marketing Specialist: Developing and executing marketing strategies to promote Etsy shops.
  • Virtual Assistant: Providing administrative support to help manage various tasks related to running an Etsy shop, such as order processing, bookkeeping, or inventory management.
  • SEO keyword, Research tool: eRank, Everbee tools to include in product listing, titles, tags, and description to boost the chance of making sales. For searching opportunities that has high demand and low competition on Etsy

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