Running TikTok ad campaign for client

Mihajlo Coloveic

Social Media Strategist


Project goal After some time of working with the team of Media Buyers, I gained valuable experience and was ready to manage a business on my own. I had a few clients with relatively minor jobs; I helped them and their teams establish creative content for promoting their products on TikTok. A few days after sending proposals for jobs, I received an interesting offer. My client wanted to promote their products on TikTok, mainly for a USA audience. I was nervous at first because they wanted to continue making plans on Telegram and not on Upwork, but I took the risk. My client offered me 15% of every sale I make.

Solution When I got the clients' videos of products, I started managing ads. The first 10 days were not very promising, but after the advice I gave my client on what he could improve in the videos, targeting different audiences, and testing CBO and ABO, I found out what works the best. I not only managed to have a positive ROI and many sales, but after 2 months, the conversion rate was almost 6%, and we managed to get ROAS of almost 5 at one period. This was a huge success, and I was so happy not only because of the sales I was able to get my client and money but also because this was a major experience for me, making me more confident before getting further clients.

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