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Muhammad Mukhtar Suleiman

Web Designer
Frontend Engineer
Web Developer

I designed and developed my portfolio. It features a very minimalist home page (maybe too minimalist), a simple About page describing what I do—which is software development, a Projects page showcasing some of works and a Contact page. I has light and dark modes which can be toggled with the press of a button; the visitor's device theme is used by default.

The wireframes were done using mostly paper and pencil, but the prototypes were created using Figma. The design is really minimalist. It is responsive and has a mobile/small tablet mode and a large tablet/desktop mode.

It was developed using React. It is a single-page application and client-side rendering was achieved using React Router. The little data it had was handled with Firestore and it was deployed with Vercel. As expected, Git is the version control system used to tack changes to the source code and GitHub is the remote repository used.

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