Gmail Design for out-of-this-world impression

Linu Foghis

Digital Marketer
UX Designer
UI Designer
DaVinci Resolve

Project Overview

Build an incredible design that leave readers impressed. 
  • Needed a way to stand-out when sending newsletters and information to audience.

Re-design Process

  • Started with industry do's and don'ts on signature writing
  • Built several variations until final one
  • Looked at email design and tools to do it in
  • Found Figma to be best, as software have limitations, trials and wanted full freedom.
  • With a plugin in Figma, and a specific design, I outputed the desired vision within 2-3 days as an editable HTML format within the gmail itself.


  • Lack of trials for exporting the HTML code meant there was little room for error and redesign.
  • The HTML had a size limit of 120mb, and assets needed to be maintained within that range. Adding multiple gifs proved difficult (3+ aimed, settled on 2).
  • Preview was used often, and exporting only at critical paths for the project
  • Building from scratch UI assets, Graphical, and 3d (blender, cad) going together into a flow that tells a compelling story, whilst being unique.

Gmail Design


  • Gmail signature and design were used in several mails that increased the reply rate from 5% to 16%.
  • It was found difficult to edit it and purpose it for full outreach, thus maintained for key moments, updates, and monthly value newsletter.

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