Mary Anne Josette (Heyitsmarymary)

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Digital Marketer
Social Media Manager

Whether you're seeking graphic design, content creation, landing page, or strategic digital marketing solutions, I'm dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Backed by years of experience, skills that you can count on, and a reputation for reliability, I pride myself on providing prime service and working to exceed expectations🌟

With years of hard work and thriving through obstacles that almost and most of the time no one has known, your girl is officially TRADEMARKED🍾🎉

A stamp of Milestone🕹️

My main purpose is to protect not just this brand but primarily the client’s information, content, and creative resources rendered only and solely to the Brand/Business as it has always been.

I am sadly living on a small island in a developing nation where the hunger for power as much as their families and supporters are the leadership ways for legislators who maltreat, exploit by taking control, piggyback riding [materials from clients] individuals that deemed bankable especially women like myself through my previous office company is just a norm for them [Ingenuiti dba JTI Global ] and family members who do not respect boundaries.

Due to a distressing experience causing a disturbance in work and individual life, thus disallowing the provision of resources to any third parties that may represent any email scammers, IP pirates, preceding individuals/companies, scammers, politicians, secretaries, or people working in the government, wives, supporters, or all sorts of groups, clouts or offices masking as suitors or prying on client space, blogs or entertainment site, organizations, family members or relatives, Gen-Zs, and the like, a standard bearer or reference/ideas nor activities for any groups or however, it is being or going to be represented.

You can be assured of the Confidentiality and Exclusivity of your Brand / Business and Vice versa👍

I am delighted and looking forward to collaborating and assisting owners, and coaches with their Businesses. Feel Free to send me a message📩

Special Thanks to my Folks for helping me with our local accredited Law Office and Legal Counsel for the documents😘🤗

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