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We’re a Netherlands-based foodtech startup founded by three friends determined to unlock the incredible power of microalgae, to make products that breathe life back into not just you but the world we live in.

Over the years, the nutritional benefits of Spirulina - and (micro) algae in general - have made it a staple ingredient in the vitamin and supplement aisle. But we wanted to make this rich source of natural plant-based nutrients more accessible to people, so we’ve focused on improving Spirulina’s taste and incorporating spirulina in convenient on-the-go products. We were also inspired by Spirulina’s potential to be produced in a way that positively benefits the planet, so we developed our own sustainable production process that efficiently recycles CO2 to grow our Spirulina. Since then we’ve developed a passion (bordering on obsession) for unleashing the climate and human health potential of the tiny superhero.

We're building our company around our FUL core values of “Guts, Grit, Grace and Good”.

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