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Overview 🔎

This is a youtube video where the subject is describing some tips and tricks. I have previously worked with this client and already have info about brand colors and other parameters.

Please scroll down to the bottom to have a look at the results/client's feedback.

Raw Footage-

Problem & Solution 🤝

Creating a youtube video that is interesting for the audience is not that simple. We should think out of the box to add elements of surprise for the viewer to retain their interest. This was achieved in this video using a high-quality b-roll and other graphic elements.

A major problem with the raw footage was its audio, it had a lot of noise in the background that required serious attention. I used tools in premiere pro to clean up the audio and the client was impressed with the results.


The main aim was to trim the video and make a final product ready to upload on youtube with the following elements-

  • B-roll with transitions to make it interesting.
  • Text animations.
  • Graphic elements such as lower thirds, popping images, etc.
  • Audio cleaning and sound effects to maintain the flow with some slow bgm.
  • Color grading and color correction to tie everything together.

Process 🛣

I started the editing process with the hardest part- cleaning up the audio. This raw footage had a lot of background noise which was making it hard to understand the dialogue.

After cleaning up the audio, I began the trimming process to fix any potential errors while speaking. This process introduced a lot of jump cuts in the footage which don't look professional in a final youtube video. Here's what I did to fix this issue-

  • Used Zoom-ins to hide jump cuts.
  • Added b-rolls and transitions.

This was the third pass in which I usually add the text and motion graphics (lower thirds or other such elements).

Finally added a color grade and exported the final video in high-quality (4K), ready to upload on Youtube.

Results 🎁

Scroll below to see the results after every pass I did on the original video-

High-quality B-roll-

Text Animations-

Animated Lower thirds-

Pop-up assets and other graphics-

Transitions on B-roll-

Color Grading-

Excellent communication, delivery, and skill!

-Leo Client

Takeaways 📣

This project really tested my audio editing skills and helped me develop a better understanding of the use of assets (not to overuse).

The client was satisfied with the results and I am grateful that I was able to deliver high-quality results using my editing skills.

Final Result-

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