Revamped Ads: Unlocking Co-Working Bliss

Linu Foghis

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Project overview

Offer: Coworking passes to various locations. 


Previous ads metrics:

  • The cost/conv=$80 jumped in end may 2023, but no CTR increase.
  • CTR high (7.5%) , where average CTR 1.5% for Goodle Ads Search (Hotsuite)
  • Avg. CPC $0. for search ads, with usual at $1.28.
  • ROAS 0 even at the highest cost.
  • When budget/day increased, with delay so did too for conversions (conversions being clicks to site).
  • CTR often follows cost, with a lag sometimes.
  • There are problems with assets being used for retargeting as the same ones that were used for targeting.
  • Best performing images were for laptops/wide when most users were using phones.
  • The top impression share was 0% and should have been at least 50%. Nonetheless at a small budget, CTR more important for the industry at hand.
  • Strategy for ads was too wide.

Ad graphics:

  • Some images had great copy and idea, some were great overall but only 20% across all devices.
  • Bad cutouts of people then added through Photoshop.
  • Inappropriate image choice + background in some.
  • Some had copy that was too long, small, or too thin to read properly.
  • Some font colours were hard to read on a selected background
  • Some ads had simply bad quality altogether, from picture representativeness of the offer, to copy and its placement with colour representations.
  • Some lacked a clear CTA (call to action)
  • Many missed emotions in the copy to act.
  • Other than bad alignment, some used neutral colours not representing the brand: e.g. grey.


  1. Overall good keywords and ad copy
  2. Possible offer/landing page problem (funnel)
  3. Pricing is better than competition, but not necessarily on the offer from ads.
  4. Ads were on PMax so hard to realise the reason behind the performance at parts.
  5. Ads graphics were partly confusing and partly low quality.
  6. Ads graphics did not properly represent a great offer (combined with funnel).
  7. Often, there was no urgency, no scarcity, and no emotion introduced through graphics.
  8. Solution: full rehaul of offer creation, landing page, and ads.



  • Strategised a new ads campaign and audience.
  • Google Ads and the Campaign were set following the client's business and target audience with better focus for targeting and retargeting.
  • Embedded Hotjar Surveys and Microsoft Clarity in addition to Google Ads to track results.
  • Redesign new ads for emotion, scarcity, and the improved offer.
  • Ads got high traffic as seen from the number of users landing on the page (and recordingds) at a $10/day budget for ads with ~10% CTR. I did not have access to the CTR data itself, although the number of users seen through Clarity and Hotjar was higher.
  • 4 surveys, 300 recordings, several questions asked about product, when before there was no interaction.
  • Conversion was still a problem (now focused on sales).
  • The landing page had bugs and was in the completion stage by the development team when ads started (some parts were unreadable, and all over the place).
  • This created trust problems and confusion. This was the main feedback from Hotjar and Clarity recordings of errors seen and survey form replies.
  • Feedback to owners: complete the landing page, and create video assets representing the offices from the offer.
  • Re-run ads switching form PMax to focused types.

Note: Cannot share specific client details and name due to NDA.

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