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S: Special Surprise for you from Ocean Guardian

Thank you for subscribing to Ocean Guardian's newsletter.

We hope we can keep you and your loved ones safe.

We will be sending to you in this newsletter.

  • The best places for diving, surfing and fishing
  • Explanations of how our technology works
  • discounts on our products and other gifts that will make the next vacation more fun.
  • Tips and tricks about sealing surfing fishing and more

As we promised

There is your 20% off by using coupon code (safe sea)

Don’t forget to use it so you can have affordable shark detrend kit.

And forget worrying about shark attacks forever.

Yeah, it’s that important.

Visit our site from here


Open Rate: 16%

Click-Through Rate (CTR): 18%

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S: Sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks – that is scary isn't it, discover how to

deal with the most dangerous creetur in the sea

Simply don’t go to the sea they live there :) Just kidding

Use the shark deterrent technique (Shark Shield).

Let me explain how it works.

Sharks are extremely sensitive to electric fields, which they use, of course, to hunt

and identify danger.

In two decades of research, we came up with shark shield.

a small device that attaches to a surfboard, a wetsuit, a boat.

It emits an electromagnetic field that keeps sharks away, jamming and disrupting

their ability to sense within a 1-kilometer radius.

mount it on your surfboard, your wetsuit, your boat.

Stay safe and avoid the terror of shark attacks.

  • Tested by governments.
  • Scientifically proven.
  • Small and light
  • and very effective

Buy now from our store

How is the customer? A newsletter subscriber who is aware of the problem.

The objective of the email Build trust and credibility and drive more traffic by

convincing customers.

  • results
  • Open Rate: 18%
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): 15%

Summer is coming (seals email)

S: (scientifically proven) How you can avoid the danger of sharks for half the price

Summer is coming Add safety to your beach vacation!

Use Shark Shield,

the most effective shark deterrent system approved by 4 governments.

We've taken 40 % off our most important products.

Buy your shark deterrent system that is scientifically proven to

work in all circumstances!

Designed for your surfboard.

and your boat

and your diving suit.

Small and easy to install.

Now Have a safe trip with no worries and with 40 %off.

Being safe is a never regrettable decision.

Buy now!

The objective of the email

retargeting for previous customers \by driving

traffic to the product page

Customer stage of awareness most aware \ knows the company and the



Open Rate: 19%

Click-Through Rate (CTR): 12% (1930 visit) | Bounce Rate: 27%

Conversion Rate: 16% 308 (seals)

Facebook ad

Retargeting customers who have already entered the website

How is the customer? young surfer living on the coast of Australia has been

surfing for more than two years

The objective of the ad drive traffic to the product page

Customer stage of awareness Product Awareness aware of what Shark Shield

technology is


Click-Through Rate (CTR): 12% (1072 visit)

Conversion Rate: 13% 141 (seals) | Bounce Rate: 27%

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