Node.js API for Data Management & Data Scraping

J.David Ochoa Arroba

Backend Engineer
Fullstack Engineer
Web Developer

During my career as a web developer, I have created several Node.js applications focused on managing data and extracting data from online sources. These projects have enabled the automation of data collection processes and provided reliable interfaces for data management. Some key highlights include:

Scraping Algorithm Implementation

I have developed advanced scraping algorithms to extract data from websites with complex and structured layouts. This required a deep understanding of the DOM and advanced parsing techniques.

Node.js and Prisma Usage

I have leveraged the power of Node.js to create robust backend servers. I have also used the Prisma framework to efficiently manage the database and create APIs following the RESTful methodology.

Process Automation

My applications have been designed to automate data collection processes that would otherwise require significant manual effort. This has led to a substantial increase in efficiency.

Intuitive User Interfaces

In addition to the backend, I have paid attention to usability and created intuitive user interfaces for data management, allowing users to easily interact with the applications.

Database Architecture Creation

I have extensive experience in designing robust database architectures using relational database management systems (RDBMS) such as PostgreSQL and MySQL. This involves defining entities, establishing relationships, and optimizing database schemas for data integrity and performance. Additionally, I have implemented database migrations and maintained data consistency throughout various stages of application development.

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